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Free period again *w* (and I don't have any pending work/I'm lazy @w@)
I never knew how useful it was to have a free period until this year (urgh, due to double period physics every day). It's useful for things like doing last-minute hw and studying~ -waaaai- =)

So there are always ads/posters put up in our school for club meetings, events, etc (heck, I put up posters for Pegasus every other week, haha XD) and there were some bowling club/team posters put up or something and I don't believe they were printed in color, so everytime I pass one or see one peripherally (< - - - urgh spell check~), I go !!! it's Gantz! and expect Nino to pop up shortly or something, hahaha. I've never watched/read Gantz, though I have seen the CM for the movie. So the bowling ball always looks like the Gantz ball to me. (I want Nino!Gantz Suit action /shot)

Just a short tidbit. =)

Ahhh, my cough is getting better, as in I don't hack up my lungs every 5 seconds (literally), but I still have like congestion or whatever in my throat and still coughing a bit. I hope I get better soon >__< It's kinda troublesome~ Not to mention who knows the effect of too much Menthol on my system! (jk, it's probably harmless/negligible)

Ever since [personal profile] the_desserter suggested it to me, I really like hachi's "Rinne" ^^ I dunno why I stayed away from it before, I think it was because people said they didn't really like it? o.o I dunno. lol but I'm glad I listened to it~ I've tried practicing it (yesh, as [personal profile] nanamka  says, baka!Tune) a bit and it's hard to sing >__< It took me forever to try to get the words, they were so fast the first time I listened to it @__@ but then I kinda got it, but with wrong pronounciation/off intonation and pitch -fail- The third ~darling♪~ is super hard to reach and I can't do it T___T ahhhh well~

Random, but Rib and NemP replied to me on Twitter *w* That made me happy. mwhahahaha (and in English too >W<) I want to catch a Rib live again~ and since the [personal profile] the_desserter has been fangirling Nanou/hoehoeP I realllllly want to hear his MOEEEE.


Was there anything else my school-befuddled mind wanted to say. Well, it's the 22nd of October here, so Happy Birthday Juliette ([personal profile] collectivethoughts ) waiiii~

And random, but the guy next to me was typing up his resume or college application or whatever and IT MAKES ME SO NERVOUS. >___<


argh T__T

can't wait to get home to watch my TS of the NicoNicoSportsFest~ and Smiley*2G =)
and maybe if I can re-watch Hiwaily*2 for all the craaaaazy~

Aaahh I want to watch Inoue Mao's "My Darling is a Foreigner" it looks cute *w* and also I wonder if "Kimi ni Todoke" is available? I HEARD GERO WATCHED IT *W* I should get around to watching my AnS/HnA/VSA (if I have any) and AnShi I have on my harddrive XDDD and I still have to finish My Girl, Orange Days, Hammer Session, Hotaru no Hikari 2, etc < - - - - - fails so badly at finishing dramas XDD

Which reminds me that I wanted to post up pictures/recordings...

hopefully I can be productive enough to do it. And oh right! I haven't played Fire Emblem in months T___T -wants to play- but it takes me hours to play and I have to find sometime to sit and stare at how awesome Ike/Geoffrey/Sothe/Haar is (jk, I like them all, but these people pwn! well, I need to lvl up Sothe though T__T) Which reminds me that my friend told me they are giving away free Mews on WiFi for HeartGold/SoulSilver. whhhhhhyy?! I want Mew!!! >__< -has Diamond- my friend might trade it to be momentarily so I can hunt for it on the GTS (though Stephie told me she'd teach me how to hack the GTS or something LOLOL)

Er...that's about it for now -blank stare- It's very gdgd, sorry! And also very stream of conscious. LOL -writes what pops into mind-

Well, see you around you good folk~~ =)

P.S. I'll organize my DW tags later~~ ^^ -sorry for crossposting to LJ so much, can only ask DW from school^^;;-
seraphictune: (Default) period again.

Homecoming is cancelled because of the rain. So intense~ the streets were flooded and so is the front circle.
I really should organize my tags better (I like Nikki's system *w*).

it would make my life easier...and it looks so much neater =)

I have to go though 100 LJ entries then...orz XD

I was looking forward-ish to Homecoming too, even though it isn't that great. At least we still have pep rally going on later in the day. I always get hyped up for that but always let down =/ (it better be more awesome this year) xD

The rain is so insanely intense~~ =) I liked when the wind was intense too. feels so good~ XD

how's the weather where everyone else is? ^^

It's a rumour (unless it's been confirmed) but Reborn anime is coming back Spring 2011! yay~~ *w* to maybe do some work? (nahh, probably just end up listening to my iPod in a corner of the library) =P
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haha I have a free period right now and just testing out which sites I can use (my school blocks nearly all sites OTL) and I have to say that I am HIGHLY AMUSED that LJ is blocked but now DW. so...cross-posting from here will go to LJ anyway, ne?


but they block NND too...they block almost everything OTL

meh...I have a AP US quiz today...hope I do ok? ^^;;;

lately I haven't been sleeping too much (well...all my fault) so my eyes have been getting all squinty. I'll try to resist the temptation of the Internet and try to sleep more on weekends, haha. XDD

Nothing else much to say, guess I'll go study some~ Have a nice day!! ^^

-still super amused I can access DW from school- wwwwwwwww

EDIT: gosh, the school's connection is so slow>< even slower than at home! XD
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I decided not to import my whole LJ over because I think my locked entries will show up. o.o
So, starting all nice and fresh here. =)

I just started school Thurs and it's going to be busy! >__<

Although I'm sad I won't be able to listen to namahousous as much (only on weekends maybe =/).


err...not that great of a first post. Sorry for the lameness of it all. ^^;;;

But welcome~~ =)

[EDIT]: I accidently clicked back but yay stored drafts!

I will work on maintaining my tags! >_____< (and my life LOL orz XD)


[EDIT 2:] Woah, I was previewing it...and it looks way different. o.o Does anyone help direct me toward profile/journal codes? *w* The text looks bigger too...XD -not used to it-


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