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So Nana, [personal profile] nanamka , asked for a guide-ish for "small nama view-ing" and I'll just write experience (which is really REALLY little) XD
Usually with big namas the hosts don't get to read all the comments, but with small namas, most of the time the hosts read all the comments/chat with viewers pretty directly. =)

Most of the time the hosts says things like "New viewers/shoken-san, welcome and please comment!" and "If you could please leave a kotehan (nickname), I'd be happy~" 

something like that? LOL XDD -notices pattern- also, a lot of hosts use the comment viewer so they sometimes ask you what color you'd like your color to be in comment viewer ^^

Usually if you're a first-viewer you comment with  初見です@ [nickname of choice] . something like that. If you just comment, the hosts usually notice you're a new viewer, unless you're 184 or something and they ask for your name. Although I've been in lives where they don't ask for your name? XDD 

I didn't know this until recently when Angie told me about it. That when you're 184, the hosts always loses your kotehan OTL so you go to the system システム tab and uncheck the box that says 184 (anonymous) so after you out @name you don't need to do it anymore since it'll always show up in their comment viewer now. 

Usually the host can't enchou/extend broadcast (that costs money, right? OTL) so they just run a lot of wakus~ (you can always refresh comm page till the red button pops up XD)
...that's kinda all I know? /shot 
Although I'd have to say beware because in smaller namas, they're more likely to ask you things/talk to I guess have a minor grasp of Japanese? (-fails, so just ROMs xD-)

-shortest guide ever- if Nana has more questions, feel free to ask? but honestly...[personal profile] varavi  or [ profile] koochie_koo  might know more than me. OTL

P.S. I can't figure out how the mentioned tags thing works OTL and I want a DW profile layout thingy...or at least journal layout...;) XDD


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